Warrant and Proper Function

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Abstract A number of counterexamples have recently been leveled against Alvin Plantinga's Proper Functionalism, counterexamples aimed at showing that Plantinga's theory fails to provide sufficient conditions for warrant — that elusive epistemic property which together with true belief yields knowledge. Keywords Plantinga; Bonjour; warrant; defeasibility.

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Then, in Ch. My account of warrant meets the conditions for being a naturalistic account; but in Chs. For, as I argue in Ch. In Ch. Keywords: a priori , coherentism , epistemology , foundationalism , induction , memory , naturalism , probability , proper function , testimony , warrant.

Warrant and Proper Function

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Alvin Plantinga: 5 Elements of Warrant

Warrant and Proper Function Alvin Plantinga Abstract In this book and in its companion volumes, Warrant: The Current Debate and Warranted Christian Belief, I examine the nature of epistemic warrant, that quantity enough of which distinguishes knowledge from mere true belief.