The Remarkable Life and Times of Eliza Rose

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Eliza's relief soon turns to horror, though, as she realises the kind of life her new benefactress has in mind for her. Trapped in her house near Drury Lane, Eliza begins to despair - until Nell, Ma Gwyn's famed actress daughter and mistress of King Charles himself, takes Eliza under her wing and into a very different world of Court, parties and young gallants.

Remarkable Life and Times of Eliza Rose, The

Will Eliza ever find out what she yearns to know - just where it is she truly belongs? Mary is very much in demand for her events at literary festivals and schools. She lives in Eversley Cross, Hampshire. Mary Hooper began writing short stories for women's and teen magazines.

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She now focuses solely on books. Mary lives in Eversley Cross, England. Grade 8 Up—Hooper takes readers to 17th-century London in this novel about Eliza Rose, who is thrown out of her house by her stepmother. The prologue, set in , tells of a girl baby being swapped at birth for a boy to please the father. The novel then jumps ahead 15 years.

When Eliza arrives in London to search for her father, she steals some food and finds herself in Clink Prison, with its rats, sewage, lice, and deadly fever. While begging at the gate, she encounters handsome Valentine Howard.

Their paths cross often, but both realize that love cannot be between a noble and a girl from the lower class. Old Ma Gwyn, the madam of a bawdyhouse, spots her and gets her released. When she promises Eliza to a young nobleman for one night, Nell Gwyn, Ma's infamous actress daughter, rescues her.

Eliza's Experience at the Soldier Field BTS Concert

Eliza is then swept into the world of the theater and the court of King Charles II. Nell, who unabashedly is mistress to many men, aspires to and succeeds at being the King's whore. In the end, a long-hidden secret is revealed when Eliza meets her real mother. The down-and-dirty side of the city comes alive through the author's descriptions of its sights, sounds, and smells.

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The novel is replete with historical people, events, and details, making it an exemplary work of historical fiction. This engrossing, fast-paced novel, with its determined, well-drawn protagonist, is a winning combination of history and fairy-tale tropes.

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The Remarkable Life and Times of Eliza Rose by Mary Hooper

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