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High school roundup: Copenhagen, Belleville Henderson play to draw in girls soccer. George F. Arts and Life.


Food and Drink. The 13 best cookbooks of fall Making grilled cheese an umami bomb. Photo and Video. Updated Sep 21, SLU football player interviews. Second Look.

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Sponsored by. Deputies investigate Theresa shooting. First phase of cleanup continues at former NiMo gas plant.

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  • It Took E.P.A. Pressure to Get VW to Admit Fault?

Arts and Entertainment. Boat made locally in wins award at the International Boat Show.

Lawrence County Board of Health issues advisory on vaping, e-cigarette use Towns of Potsdam, Louisville receive grants for infrastructure improvements St. Your Opinion.

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Do you vape? You voted:. I did, but this stuff has gotten scary and I quit. Most Popular. Frederick P.

Updated 2 hrs ago. Millard 94, Adams passed away Friday morning Sept…. Jeffrey M. Pierce, 67 Carthage, passed away on September 23, 2…. Joan C. David John DuPre. But this month, the executives made a startling admission: The diesel vehicles it sold in the United States used software meant to cheat on the tests. Since that deception became public on Friday, Volkswagen has scrambled to conduct damage control.

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The chief executive apologized and the company said it would stop selling diesel-powered cars from the and model years. All this was possible because environmental regulators had tools and powers at their disposal that another area of enforcement — auto safety regulation — does not have, despite the efforts of lawmakers, consumer advocates and, more recently, auto safety regulators themselves.

Often, the auto industry has beaten back more stringent laws.

Volkswagen Stock Falls as Automaker Tries to Contain Fallout

Still, the time it takes to investigate auto companies is often extensive, and getting the facts can be a challenge. Beyond the E.

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And on Monday, a subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee said it would hold a hearing on the issue. An official with the Environmental Protection Agency said that discussions are continuing with Volkswagen, as the company grapples with how to handle a recall of the affected vehicles.

There is no timetable for Volkswagen to submit a comprehensive plan to recall and fix the affected vehicles. But government officials are urging the company to take action quickly — both on developing a fix for the cars and starting a campaign to educate consumers on the problem. Grundler said. Even with the looming punishment, the company almost got away with it.

In fact, it most likely would have if not for a strange twist of fate and the curiosity of several auto researchers.

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Two years ago, the International Council on Clean Transportation, a nonprofit environmental group staffed by a number of former E. The group decided it would test diesel-powered cars in the United States, where regulations were much more strict, as a way of almost shaming the European automakers to tighten their compliance. The group fully expected the American cars to do well, and run cleaner than their counterparts across the pond.

What they could not have foreseen was that they would stumble onto one of the biggest frauds in recent automotive history.