Congress: The Electoral Connection

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Mayhew does not actually claim that MCs are motivated exclusively by reelection; his goal is only to deduce the behaviors that we would expect if this assumption were true--behaviors, incidentally, which conform closely to reality. This is an early rational choice analysis of Congressional elections.

The Logic of Conditional Party Government: Revisiting the Electoral Connection

Mayhew places himself in the burgeoning "economic" school as opposed to the earlier sociological school. For some of the possible implications of the reelection incentive, see Fenno For a review of where research on Congressional elections has gone in the years since Mayhew's book, see Jacobson Please report inappropriate ads.

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We do not endorse services that facilitate plagiarism. If it is assumed that Members of Congress MCs are single-minded seekers of reelection, then we Congress: The electoral connection.

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From Congress:The Electoral Connection. Congressional scholar David Mayhew admits from the start that his expla- nation for the motivation.

By David R. Mayhew builds his argument on the assumption that Congressmen motivated solely.

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  7. Skip to content Family. The goal of this part of Mayhew's work is to show what happens when members who need to engage in these activities assemble for collective action [6].

    Congress the electoral connection

    Congress is made up of single-minded seekers of reelection. This mindset affects how they gather support, interact with interest groups, make policy, virtually everything within Congress and on Capitol Hill. Politicians get "reward for taking positions rather than achieving effects" [8]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Congress: The Electoral Connection 2 ed. Yale University Press.